Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A la Mere de Famille

I recently had the great opportunity to visit a few excellent places in Europe including Germany, Amsterdam, and Paris. To my delight, Europe did not disappoint in the candy department. One of the most charming and lovely places I visited was a candy store in Paris called A La Mere De Famille. It was founded in 1761 and is known as the oldest confectioner in Paris. Stepping through the doors of this shop was like going back in time to a magical place. The walls are lined with wood and glass cabinets and various colorful treats are housed in glass jars. Normally, I'm not a big fan of wood decor, but in this store it's just perfect and contributed to the whole old-world comfort feel. I was a little timid about taking photos inside the store, mostly because I do not speak or understand a word of French in order to ask permission, but Julia at Sweet Travel Blog has some beautiful photos and a nice description of her visit to the shop.

The chocolates looked tempting, but because it was so warm outside I was reluctant to spend 4 euro 50 on what could be a chocolate puddle in half an hour. Instead, I choose to sample a few less meltable candies. I bought a nougat bar, a marzipan bunny (for a souvenir), the cutest marzipan cherries I have every seen, and a mixed bag of hard candies that included bergamot and creme brulee flavors. I have not had time to sample everything yet, the cherries are too cute to eat right now, but I can tell you that the nougat bar is delicious. It's full of crunchy almonds and pistachios and the nougat just melts in your mouth.

A La Mere De Famille has a really cute website. It's all in French, but worth looking at even if like me, you can't read it.

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