Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starburst Sweet Fiesta

One of my favorite new candy finds is Starburst Sweet Fiesta.  I picked them up at a 7-Eleven when I was actually searching for the lackluster Skittles Blenders.  Starburst Sweet Fiesta was the better of the two candies I bought that day and here's why - the Strawberry Pineapple chew. One of the four flavors in the Sweet Fiesta pack, the Strawberry Pineapple chew is one of the best candy flavors I have encountered in a long time.  It has a wonderful fresh pineapple tartness coupled with sweet and tangy strawberry.  Really awesome.  I would buy a whole pack of Strawberry Pineapple chews if I could.

The remaining 3 flavors in Sweet Fiesta are also good, just not as good as Strawberry Pineapple.  They are Cherry Mango, Melon Berry, and Peach Guava.

I hope the Starburst Sweet Fiesta stick around for a while.  I'm done with my pack and already want more, however I am noticing that this flavor is hard to find!  I guess I'm headed back to 7-Eleven.