Saturday, September 05, 2009

Halloween Dots

Guess what kids, summer is over which means it's time to start planning trips to the cider mill and stocking up on Halloween candy! Let me introduce you to Halloween-themed Dots, who could pass up such a thing? I found these Candy Corn and Bat (blood orange) flavored Dots at Kroger. There is also a Ghost version available that are a neon green translucent color and fruit flavored, but I did not buy them. The candy corn flavor initially PIQUED my interest because they looked really cute and I have to admit, sometimes I do crave me some candy corn. It's not a candy I can eat in large batches or very often, but about once a year I find a nice fresh bag thoroughly enjoyable. A couple years ago around this time I found candy corn flavored salt water taffy that was quite awesome. Which reminds me, I should look for that again, but I digress...on to the Dots!

The Candy Corn Dots are pleasant. They sport the traditional dome shape and size of a Dot. Each piece has a yellow and orange layer mimicking real candy corn minus the white tip. The candy corn flavor is not very strong, nor are they overly sweet. In fact, I couldn't even taste much until a few seconds into the chew. They have a caramel flavor, whereas traditional candy corn has more of a honey flavor.

The Bat Dots were quite a surprise. First of all, I almost passed them up because I assumed they were black licorice. When I read they were blood orange flavor, I was intrigued, so I grabbed a box. I have to give the Tootsie Roll people credit for the clever tie between blood orange - "blood" - and Halloween. I can't say I've ever had a real blood orange, but I love the way these Bat Dots taste. I couldn't stop eating them. They remind me of a cross between grape and orange soda. They also have something in common with an orange slushie in that there is a nice tangy sparkle to them.

Both the Candy Corn and Bat Dots are nice additions to this year's Halloween candy offerings. Out of the two, I have to say I prefer the flavor of the Bat Dots. My only complaint is that they seem to make their way into ever crevice of my teeth. Very sticky, but delicious.