Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make Yourself a "Sweet" Belt

Check out these super cute candy wrapper belts made by Megan at Plum Pudding. I think I need to start saving up my wrappers. And the best part - no sewing required!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Candy Giveaway at the Candy Dish Blog

This is the time of year I lament not being able to attend the All Candy Expo. The Expo, sponsored by the National Confectioner's Association, starts tomorrow and is a three day affair of candy, sweets, and all things awesome. However, it's only open to vendors and industry professionals, which I can't fault them for. Could you imagine if nuts like me had an unlimited world of new candy within their grasp? The place would be cleaned out. For now, I am visiting vicariously by following the Candy Dish Blog . The Candy Dish Blog is the official candy blog of the National Confectioners Association. I recommend checking it out. Do it soon because they are running a candy giveaway contest full of treats from the Expo. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mike & Ike Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is one of the sweets that I have a hard time resisting.  I am delighted that it is now readily available in nonperishable packaging.  All the fun without the carnies - a win/win situation.  I bought this Mike & Ike flavored cotton candy at Dylan's Candy Bar a couple weeks ago and I have to say that it is absolutely delicious!  There are three flavored balls in the bag - cherry, lemon, and lime.  Each flavor is well executed.  The cherry tastes like just like a maraschino cherry.  I could have eaten three bags, but sadly I've finished my one bag and I don't know where to buy more.  

Just one word of caution, when I bought the Mike & Ike cotton candy I also picked up a bag of Hot Tamales flavored cotton candy for my sister, a Hot Tamales fan. While I didn't taste the Hot Tamales version, my sister told me it was inedible. Apparently it smelled like the interior of an abandoned car (her words, not mine) and left a weird aftertaste in her mouth. Perhaps cinnamon doesn't translate well into cotton candy.

UPDATE: I was able to find this at World Market. The new bag had one ball of lemon and two cherry. Lime was missing. Where's the quality control?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Smarties Bubble Gum Balls

I found these Smarties Bubble Gum Balls at Kroger (on sale for 65 cents with a Kroger Plus card). Being a fan of both Smarties and gum balls, I thought these were going to be something special, however I was a little disappointed. The package contains 10 pastel gum balls mimicking the delicate colors of Smarties roll candy in pink, yellow, green, orange, and lavender. They are pretty to look at, but lack the tartness I enjoy in Smarties.  Overall, Smarties Gum Balls are good gumballs, but they have little in common with Smarties.