Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trolli Evil Twins Gummies

I'm back to candy blogging! So let's get into this thing, Trolli's Evil Twins Gummies. Each adorable gummie features two flavors - a sweet side characterized by a little bespectacled nerd boy, and a sour side characterized by an angry spikey-haired little troublemaker. The flavor combos are Angelic Orange & Mischievous Lime, Sweet Strawberry & Rowdy Blue Raspberry, and Charming Cherry & Wicked Lemon. Get it?

By far my favorite flavor combo is the cherry and lemon. The lemon has a great sourness and goes well with the sweet cherry. The strawberry is tasty, but its blue raspberry counterpart tastes musty. Overall, if you are a fan of sour candy and gummies, give these twins a try.

Oh, I found them at Target.