Sunday, April 26, 2009

Candy Excursions in the Big Apple: Part I

Yikes! April is nearly over and I realize that I have not posted this month! Even though I haven't written much about candy, it has been a candy-filled month. First Easter, my favorite holiday, and I went on a short vaca to New York City last week. I made it a point to visit some of the major NYC candy haunts that I have read about over the years. I think I did a pretty good job. I visited Dylan's Candy Bar, Economy Candy, and Papabubble. Trust me, by the time we flew home I had to have my boyfriend carry a bag on the plane just filled with candy.

The first place I visited was Dylan's Candy Bar located at 1011 Third Ave. Dylan's looks like a candy paradise. It really is a beautiful store. From the lollipop sculpture (pictured) in the center of the first floor showroom, to the candy-embedded staircase, it looks awesome. The first floor housed bins of all kinds of bulk candy. Lots of gummies and licorice - for $10.99 a pound. Yeah, $10.99 a pound! I know it's NYC, but that still seems like a lot for a pound of gummi bears.

Down the candy-embedded staircase into the basement level, there was more candy, a chocolate boutique, and some really expensive candy-inspired clothing. I looked at a t-shirt with a bedazzled cupcake on it and was nearly floored by the $300 price tag. Maybe it was from some designer I'm not cool enough to know about. I did like the retro candy display (pictured above) that comprised an entire wall. Behold the mountain of candy bars! However, once again I was floored by the prices. I bought a strawberry banana Laffy Taffy and didn't realize until looked at my receipt later that night that I laid down 2 bones...for a Laffy Taffy! I could have bought three for that price at home.

Dylan's also had a special line of Barbie 50th anniversary candy that I loved.

If you can't make it to Dylan's Candy Bar in person, visit them online at