Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Dots

Who would have thought that quiet unassuming DOTS which have been in existence since 1945 would be rocking my candy world so hard this year?  First, this Halloween, in what turned out to be an otherwise disappointing candy offering, I was thrilled to find the Candy Corn and Bat DOTS.  A month later I stumble upon Christmas DOTS.  Not only are Christmas DOTS adorable (I can imagine them sprucing up a gingerbread house this season...if I ever made a gingerbread house) but they taste good too.  There are two flavors - cherry and lime.  Each flavor is also enhanced by a white cap of vanilla. 

The cherry tastes like maraschino cherries, and the lime reminds me of green Jell-O.  Although the vanilla flavor is not prominent, I figure it must be doing something behind the scenes to mellow these two flavors out since they don't taste anything like the cherry or lime that you find in a box of Original DOTS.

I spotted Christmas DOTS at both Target and CVS in the Christmas candy aisle.  An added bonus of the seasonal DOTS is that the short shelf life guarantees they will be fresh and soft.  Don't pass these up, they're only like $1 a box.