Monday, March 29, 2010

Starburst Summer Fun Fruits

I usually debit my gas purchases at the pump but last Saturday I went inside the gas station to get a fruit punch and I found the new Starburst Summer Fun Fruits.  The Summer Fun Fruits are regular Starburst fruit chews in flavors meant to capture the taste of summer.  So what does summer taste like?  Well, according to Starburst it tastes like kiwi banana, lemon-limeade, cherry splash, and strawberry watermelon.  Here's how the flavors break down:

kiwi banana - I thought this flavor would be gross me out, but it actually turned out to be one of the best.  I really couldn't taste kiwi, but the banana was delicate, fragrant, and not too sweet.  

lemon-limeade - I must admit, I bought the roll particularly to try this flavor but it was kind of a let-down.  I was hoping it would taste like a lemon-lime slush from Dairy Queen, but it had more of a Pine-Sol vibe.

cherry splash - Yum!  Tastes like Kool-Aid!

strawberry watermelon - The watermelon overpowers the strawberry and overall this flavor borders on being too sweet.  However, it works for the summer and is enjoyable in small doses.  

Look for them at a gas station near you!     

Monday, March 15, 2010

Get This! Candy Button Wallet

I would say this is the most awesome wallet in the world, but I saw a Nancy Drew wallet last week that I am still pining for.  However, this is tops as far as candy wallets go.  Get one your own Candy Stash Zipper Wallet at the wonderful Fred Flare site for $18.

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