Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Charms Fluffy Stuff Snow Balls

Perhaps the only snow ball I wouldn't mind getting whacked in the face with, Charms Fluffy Stuff cotton candy Snow Balls are an obvious seasonal take on the plain ol' Charms Fluffy Stuff we can enjoy year-round. Fluffy Stuff is no less than candy magic. Normally, cotton candy is an extremely delicate treat. Made entirely of sugar, it is easily destroyed by moisture and extreme temperatures. However, the folks at Charms developed a process where cotton candy is produced in a "state-of-the-art production facility without being touched by human hands until you open the package and have your first flavorful taste". If doesn't sound magical, show me a unicorn.

The flavor of Snow Balls is listed on the bag as strawberry, however I think they taste more like watermelon. The Snow Balls are all white, whereas the regular Fluffy Stuff features three colors: pink, blue, and yellow (not positive of their corresponding flavors but my guess is strawberry, lemon,

And how does the bagged cotton candy match up to the original circus/street fair variety? It's pretty close. Fluffy Stuff is much denser than fresh cotton candy, and takes a bit longer to melt on your tongue, but in a pinch it will fulfill a cotton candy craving - even in the middle of January.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Missing the warmth of July...

Ahhh, as I freeze in my apartment I like to reminisce about 85 degrees and the Chinese restaurant.