Sunday, August 15, 2010

Every Burger

The 85 degree temperatures in my non-air conditioned apartment have wreaked havoc on my candy supply.  Chocolate is melting all over the place and I've been forced to re-purpose my refrigerator's fruit bin into a "chocolate bin."  I'm in survival mode here.  I figured it was time post about the Every Burger before they ceased to exist in their intended form.  Allow me introduce you to the awesome Every Burger.

 A few weeks ago my friend Kurt took me to Chinese supermarket near his home in Ypsilanti with the promise that it had a really cool Asian candy section.  Walking into the market I initially had doubts that I would find anything appetizing.  The overwhelming smell of fish and creepy packages of freeze-dried baby octopi (for real, I have photos) clouded my judgement.  But then, at the front of the store out of fishy smell range was an entire aisle of bizarre, interesting, and beautifully packaged Japanese candy.

If there is one thing the Japanese do right it's cute.  Need proof, think Hello Kitty.  The Every Burger package is cute and the candies themselves are cute.  Each candy "burger" is made to look like a tiny hamburger.  A cookie shell forms the bun, complete with crumbles on top to resemble sesame seeds.  The brown "meat" portion consists of a chocolatey spread that has a smooth, Nutella-like quality to it.  There is even a dab of white spread atop the meat made to look like cheese.  I would compare the flavor to a Twix minus the caramel or a chocolate Yan Yan.  The Every Burger is really a tasty little bite and I appreciate the visual details put into each candy.  If after reading this review you decide that you cannot live another day without trying Every Burger for yourself, they are available for purchase online from various Asian food grocers.

Burger detail with melting chocolate