Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Cadbury Crunchie

Despite being a Cadbury classic in the UK since 1929, I had never heard of the Crunchie until a few weeks ago when I spotted it during a recent candy store visit. The Crunchie is a chocolate-covered sponge toffee bar. The center is a buttery and well, crunchy golden sponge candy that slowly melts away in your mouth. The texture of sponge candy is similar to that of a Whopper malted milk ball in that it kind of disintegrates from the saliva of your tongue. However, this sponge candy has a delicious toffee flavor that is rich, but by being a "sponge" is also airy. To top it off, the bar is covered by creamy Cadbury chocolate. And not the mockolate that is making its way into some stateside candy bars, this is the good stuff.

I recommend enjoying the Crunchie in small bites. This bar is thick! And with the solid center it's easy to bite off more than you can chew.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Australian and we grew up with Cadbury Crunchies. They are simply chocolate coated honeycomb bars. Part of the bar is always hard, and the bubbly looking part is lighter. We also have Violet Crumbles, but they are all the hard honeycomb, the textural description is that it 'shatters' when you bite into it. I find them both overly sweet so I prefer the funsized ones :)