Saturday, September 14, 2013

Candy Corn Super Blow Pop

In the past few years it seems like candy corn flavored everything has been hitting the shelves come Halloween.  Last year I remember trying candy corn M&Ms and seeing gummy candy corn.  This year I've heard of candy corn Tootsie Pops, which I have yet to find, but while looking for them I stumbled upon the Candy Corn Super Blow Pop.  Of course, I was thrilled. 

The Blow Pop tastes a lot like butterscotch candies, but I can taste the similarities to honey flavored candy corn. There is bubble gum in the center, but I have not reached it yet. Not sure how well butterscotch and bubble gum flavor are going to go together, I will update later. 

If you like old-lady butterscotch discs, as i do, you will like the Candy Corn Blow Pop. I found it at Walgreens where I also picked up a Caramel Apple Super Blow Pop that I have yet to try. 

Enjoy, candy season is upon us!