Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grody to the Max - Part I

Just in time for Halloween I bring you the (intentionally) grossest candy I could find. First I have one of my Walgreen's Halloween aisle finds - Confectionery Lane's Blood Bag. Actually the full name is the Liquid Cherry Candy Blood Bag. I consider myself an open-minded person, but even this was a little bizarre to me because it just looks so real. I don't think I caught it on the photo, but there is even a little clip at the end of the tube to stop the flow of "blood".

Appearances aside, the blood bag didn't taste that bad. The first taste of blood was an intense shot of sweet/sour. Once I got accustomed to the tartness, it's taste brought back a childhood memory. When I was little, my grandma cooked dinner for me and my sisters every day after school. Sometimes for dessert she would serve us canned plums, maybe it's a Polish thing. The candy blood tastes almost exactly like the syrup from the canned plums. Oh, that's a picture of me convalescing above.

Surprising to me, I ended up liking the Blood Bag. I could never finish a whole pint, but a few sips weren't that bad. It would make a nice gag gift for the nurse, doctor, or vampire in your life.