Monday, February 01, 2010

Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales Bubblegum

Every once and a while Walgreens comes through for me in a big way.  On my latest trip I hit the jackpot when I discovered Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales flavored bubblegum.  Each gum carries the flavor of their candy counterparts.  The Mike and Ike gum has lime, strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon flavored pieces.  Not only are they fruity, they taste exactly like regular Mike and Ike's.  How do they do that?  The only downside is that I am compelled to swallow each piece after chewing it for a while.

The Hot Tamales gum packs some heat!  I find Hot Tamales candy nicely cinnamon flavored and not as hot as Atomic Fireballs for example, but the Hot Tamales gum made me choke it was so hot.  I wasn't prepared for the heat.  It's almost like eating a hot pepper.  However, once the heat wore down and the candy shell was dissolved, the gum actually had a nice and sweet cinnamon flavor.

At Walgreens this gum sells for 2 for $3 or one for like $1.59.  The Mike and Ike bag has 75 pieces and Hot Tamales has 50.  I may have to stock up some more M&I before it's gone.



Susie P said...

I got a bag of each the other day after reading your post. The Mike and Ike flavor are awesome! I haven't dipped into the Hot Tamales bag yet, I'm a little afraid!

JoAnn said...

Sweet! I'm glad I turned you on to a good, new candy. That's what I'm here for! Be brave and go for the tamales. If you can stand spicy thai food you can handle it.

KATIE said...

Chewing the HOT TAMALE now... LUV IT!!

bad_the_ba said...

I found these on a trip from Michigan to Washington D.C., and had never seen them before, and have not found anyone in my area selling them since. I liked the Mike and Ike flavors, but didn't think the flavor lasted long enough for me to buy it again. The Hot Tamales gum, however, is awesome, and I am pacing myself to make the last few pieces last. I am actually considering ordering them online if I can't find any store selling them.