Monday, February 09, 2009

Skittles Crazy Cores

Around the same time last year, I wrote about Chocolate Mix Skittles. This year, Skittles adds the new Crazy Cores to their collection. Crazy Cores Skittles boast two flavors in each piece. There are five different colors in the bag for a total of 10 flavors. From what I can tell, the chewy center and the candy shell are two independent flavors that blend together when chewed up. Here's how they pan out:

Blue Raspberry & Lemon: This one has a blue raspberry shell and lemon yellow core. I'm usually stay away from blue raspberry stuff, if only to avoid the blue mouth of death look, but this flavor turned out to be one of my favorites. I think the raspberry and the lemon work well together. Off to a good start.

Melon Berry: With a purplish shell and light green center, its obvious that the berry provides the outer layer of flavor, but melon (probably honeydew) pretty much overpowers this one.

Mango Peach: The mango center is quite tasty. It's fruity and a little creamy. Artificial peach flavor usually reminds me of Glade air freshener, but here with the mango it's not unbearable.

Strawberry Watermelon: I had the least amount of this flavor in my bag which was a shame because it's pretty good. The watermelon candy shell is reminiscent of watermelon Bubblicious, while the strawberry core is nice and tangy without being too sweet.

Cherry Lemonade: I think this flavor is my favorite in the bag. It's not overly cherry and the lemonade center tastes like Country Time lemonade drink mix powder.

I found Skittles Crazy Cores near the register at Walgreen's for $0.89.


Victoria said...

I had a pack of these tonight and was surprised that not all the blue ones had the yellow core. A had some blues that had a pink core and some that had a green core. The three blue combos tasted different, too. None of the other colors were different from what's listed on the package.

Ily Hayden said...

I got a bag, and my favorite was the Peach/Mango. I thought is was great