Monday, November 10, 2008

Grody to the Max - Part II

A little late for Halloween, but still plenty grody, the candy slime filled Nose Hose from Kandy Kastle. The nose piece, sweetly named "Sniffles", is intended to hook over your actual nose with the aid of bands on each end that loop around each ear. When on, the Nose Hose makes you look like a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Humpty of "The Humpty Dance" fame, which was kind of unsettling in itself.

Once the Nose Hose is properly harnessed on your face, the idea is to unscrew the little cap located at the tip of the nose so the slimey candy boogers can ooze out for you to catch on your tongue. When I tried it, the booger slime was a little slow moving and I had to squeeze the bridge of the "nose" to help move it along. As the snot was pouring out, I tried to catch it on my tongue, but it is quite a stretch, and most of the snot landed on my shirt. The snot slime itself was dark greenish, very sticky, and tasted more like the plastic nose than green apple, or whatever mystery flavor candy snot is.

I imagine little kids may enjoy the gross-out factor of the Nose Hose, but to me it just seems like a lot of work for a candy that doesn't even taste good. Read more about it on the Kandy Kastle website. Hey, when you spell candy with a "k" it's bound to be good.

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Katie said...

My FAVORITE blog entry to date for the awesome pic of Digital Underground at the end. But I must say, great comparsion .