Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Dream Home

I just returned from a few days of visiting the lovely city of Toronto. While it may be a hassle to pick up and move my entire life to another country, I think I have found the home to make it worth my while. I was walking down trendy Queen Street West when I spotted it, my dream home - The Candy Factory Lofts. Yes my friends, a real former candy factory converted into lofts. Sigh.

I did some research when I got home and discovered that the building which now houses The Candy Factory Lofts was once home to the Ce De Candy Inc. Ce De Candy Inc. is the creator of, and how perfect is it that it's one of my favorite candies, Smarties! And by Smarties, I mean American Smarties, which are sold in Canada under the name Rockets in order to avoid confusion with the "Smarties" sold in Canada that are the British ones and more like M&Ms. During my research I also discovered that there are more candy factory lofts right here in the US-of-A in San Antonio and Chicago. Is it time for me to relocate?

The Candy Factory Lofts

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