Sunday, June 29, 2008

Starburst GummiBursts

I came across these new StarBurst GummiBursts at CVS last week and thought I would give them a try. I should start by saying that I am very picky when it comes to gummy candy. I do not like gummies that are too slimy, loose, greasy, or chunky. In fact, I find my ideal gummy to be the Haribo brand gummy bear - nice chew without slip sliding all over my mouth. Unfortunately, I found the Starburst Gummibursts to be exactly the type of gummy that I do not like.

Gummibursts come in the traditional Starburst flavors of lemon, orange, cherry, and strawberry. My 1.5 oz. bag contained mostly lemon flavor among the random assortment of about 12 pieces per bag. Each gummy piece is about the diameter of a nickel and 1/2 an inch think. What sets this gummy apart from others, and puts the "bursts" in GummiBursts, is the small well of corresponding flavored liquid that fills each gummy center. The liquid is pretty tasty and not what ultimately turned me off to these candies. In fact, I thought the cherry liquid center was the best tasting thing in the bag. It was sweet and tangy with a slight cherry cold medicine edge to it, but I kinda liked that.

What I disliked most was the texture of the gummy. I found it way too thick, so much so that when I chewed it, it broke off into little chunky pieces. I can equate it to eating Jell-O that has been sitting in the fridge a little too long and developed hard ridges on it's edges. When I made this correlation in my mind, I almost gagged because I hate eating Jell-O like that. As a picky gummy eater, I did not like this product. If I am looking for a tasty Starburst product I will stick with Sour Starbursts, which I am kinda hooked on right now.

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