Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Breakfast on a stick

The creative folks at Lollyphile were nice enough to let me sample their maple-bacon lollipop. Yeah that's right, I said a lollipop. And hey, why not? Bacon is one of the most delicious foods ever, not to mention it pairs excellently with the sweet, stickiness of maple syrup. Think pancakes people, yummm. With this lollipop, Lollyphile accentuates the best of both these flavors. The maple is sweet and subtle, not at all sickeningly sweet like those maple leaf sugar candies that always seem to show up in stores called "Ye Olde Something-Or-Other". Here, the maple nicely compliments the bacon. And yes, those are real bits of bacon in the pop! There is a nice balance between the sweet and salty, in fact I wouldn't say one flavor dominates the other. Both maple and bacon come together in perfect harmony.

Lollyphile is a fairly new company based in San Francisco. On their website, Lollyphile assures the use of the best of the best ingredients, meaning no artificial flavors and the use of organic maple syrup and bacon. Currently, they have only two flavors in their repertoire, the other being absinthe, but they promise some more exciting flavors in the near future. I'm really curious to see what they'll come up with next. This is definitely a company geared toward making sophisticated candy, in that sense I mean "meant for adults". It probably wouldn't look too good if Little Jimmy showed up at the playground with an absinthe lollipop. Regardless, check Lollyphile out for yourself at


Katie said...

I'm sorry- I L-O-V-E bacon and maple syrup but, this just sounds gross.

Jen said...

If I ate meat I would be all over this...hmm, wonder if they would make a smoked tempeh & maple syrup variety? :)