Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wildly Cherry M&M's

According to the M&M's website, the limited edition Wildly Cherry M&M's were introduced back in February, however I just stumbled upon them last week on a trip to my local dollar store. The release of the flavored M&M seems to be trend from the company. I recall seeing a raspberry flavored M&M on the shelves not too long ago called "Razzberry", but never picked it up. I'm usually not a big fan of fruit and chocolate combinations, except when it comes to cherry. I've been known to enjoy a few Cella's chocolate covered cherries in my day, but even when it comes to chocolate covered cherries, I prefer the clear liquid center of a Cella's over those with white, gooey fondant.

The taste of the Wildly Cherry M&M's is very reminiscent of a Cella's. I couldn't tell if it was the candy shell or the chocolate which held the cherry flavor, but it's definitely in there. Cherry flavor exploded in my mouth as soon as I crunched down on the candy. The chocolate tasted a little darker than in a plain M&M, but it compliments the cherry flavor well. Plump all around, the individual candies are larger in size than regular M&M's. They are about the size of the Peanut Butter M&M's, and come in two cherry-inspired colors - bright red and dark red.

I don't know if these candies ended up in the dollar store because they are past their prime (in a marketing sense, not freshness), or because they didn't have a wide release. Sometimes I find interesting things at the dollar store, like a giant box of the newly re-released Good N' Fruity, which I may talk some more about later. Nevertheless, I'll be looking to see if the Wildly Cherry M&M's make it into more mainstream stores in my area.

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Jamie said...

These sound just peculiar enough to try. Oftentimes I don't go in for the gimmick candy but like you, I think chocolate and cherry play nice with each other. Thanks for the heads-up!