Monday, January 21, 2008

Hershey's Kisses - New York Cheesecake

I initially found these flavored Kisses in the Valentine candy section at Kroger, and since then I've spotted them in the Valentine section of Target. This pack contained 5 Kisses for $0.99, but I should note that they are super-sized. I would compare it to the size of a Sorry! board game piece. The Kiss is heavy on chocolate with a bit of cheesecake flavored cream in the center.

I had big hopes for the New York Cheesecake flavored Hershey's Kiss, but it really didn't taste much different than a plain ol' Kiss. Thinking my taste buds were off, I even consulted a second candy taster with the same conclusion - where's the cheesecake flavor? Cheesecake & chocolate = a great idea, I just don't think this product was very successful with it.

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Susie P said...

i agree! i also tried this and found that it wasn't very exciting. i'd rather just have a regular kiss.