Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chocolate Mix Skittles

My latest find at Target - new Chocolate Mix Skittles! An interesting take on the original fruity Skittles, but will they stick around? Let's review the flavors:

S'mores: Believe it or not, I've never had a real made-over-the-campfire s'more. About the closet I've ever got are s'more flavored candies, which I am guessing are no match to the real thing. With that said, the s'more Skittle tastes like a s'more candy.

Vanilla: You may be wondering, what's a vanilla candy doing in a Chocolate Mix? I don't really know, but I think it works here. It tastes very much like a vanilla pudding Snack Pack. Which brings us to....

Chocolate Pudding: Tastes just like a chocolate Snack Pack

Chocolate Caramel: Kind of tastes like a Sugar Baby

Brownie Batter: Very, very similar to a Tootsie Roll

So, my final verdict on the Chocolate Mix Skittles - They are an interesting change, although I think on an average day I would probably pick original Skittles over these. I definitely couldn't imagine eating a whole bag without getting a serious case of "Skittle Stomach" (stomach ache resulting from the overindulgence of Skittles).

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Anonymous said...

I once got "skittletummy" in the middle of "Howards End" and had a howard's end myself later that night!