Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meiji, youji, we all ji

I was recently exploring the candy section at my local World Market store and came across these intriguing packages. Like a kitten drawn to a piece of shiny tinsel, I'm a sucker for colorful or interesting packaging. Both of these products are by a Japanese company called Meiji. The first, what I will call Apollo because cannot read the entire Japanese package, are little space capsule shaped chocolate-strawberry pieces. Perhaps I should call them "chocolate-inspired" pieces because I don't think the chocolate is real, however they do have a nice, fresh strawberry flavor. Let's face it, I'm talking about candy, why should I be a stickler for "all natural", I eat neon green Skittles after all.

The second Meiji product I tried is called YanYan. Technically, it may not be considered candy because there is a cracker involved, but it's still worth mentioning if anything for the funny sayings printed on the cracker sticks including phrases such as "Elephant Jumbo", "Squid Black Ink", and "Sheep Wool Sweaters". Very strange. YanYan is called a "strawberry cream snack". World Market also stocked a chocolate version, but I opted for the strawberry. When you peel back the lid, there are two sections. One side holds the crackers and the other a well of strawberry cream to dip the cracker sticks into. Overall it tastes pretty good. The strawberry flavor is nice and the cream is quite smooth. My only objection is that the crackers are kinda greasy, other than that it's a tasty treat.

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This is amazing.