Monday, January 30, 2006

Sister Alice and Sour Straws

I attended grade school at Our Lady Queen of Angels. It was a somewhat strict Catholic grade school, there weren't even mirrors in the bathrooms I guess out of fear that we would comb our hair or engage in other morally destructive activities. Our principal was Sister Alice, a usually sweet nun who possessed the ability to strike fear into the hearts of children at a moments notice. In the 8th grade I was given the responsibility of setting up the "candy shop" for the morning and lunch recess. What better way to start out the day than feeding 1st graders candy at 10am? I can't think of one.

The "candy shop" consisted of a card table set up in a small vestibule off the side entrance. Sister Alice stood and sold candy on the left, I sold little bags of Better Made chips out of a box on the right. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Sister Alice never let me actually "sell" the candy, I was only allowed to set it up on the card table and peddle chips, she had all the fun. I guess that is where part of my desire to surround myself with candy stems from - to avenge Sister Alice's denial. Yeah, that and it tastes really good.

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